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What to do with a problem like kribensis


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So I had to remove my krib from my community tank as she was causing havoc.

In set up a 60 litre (approx 15G) for her, I tried adding my female betta but she got moved last week as she was showing signs of damage. The Betta is now sulking in my community tank she isn't happy with this many other fish but at least she's is in one piece.

So what on can live with a krib ?  

She went nuts when I tried some rosy barbs, she has killed two male kribs so no breeding for this girl. I'm also blaming her for loss of some corys.

I hate having a lone fish in the tank especially as she is now mainly hiding  or glaring at the shrimp tank next door.

I don't think trying to get a LFS to take the little sociopath is fair and I probably wouldn't be able to use that shop again.

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You might be able to, eventually, squeeze in something sturdy like a bristle nose pleco, since they are essentially armored and you have a community tank to relo them to if it doesn't work. That being said, I would try to look at this like an opportunity. Kribs are fascinating fish, females look amazing, unlike with many common aquarium species, and there are currently a ton of fairly accessible shallow tanks that would let you do small/fun stuff. In fact, I am planning to do something like this with (hopefully a pair, but just one if the pair doesn't work) kribs. I'm using an ADA 60f (2 feet wide, 1 foot deep, 8 inches high) but just about any similar shallow tanks would work. You can find the luxury ones from ADA and UNS but generic companies will make more affordable versions with similar dimensions. Im going to center a mound of rocks, covered in Anubias below water level, with a peace lily or monstera at the water line in the middle of the rocks growing above water (roots in water). I think any sort of a hardscape-heavy shallow planted aquarium would look great, give your little sociopath lots of stuff to interact with that she can't kill, and allow you to keep any larger tanks for fish that don't need a solo pad.

Edit: This could also work with a bookshelf aquarium if you struggle to find the shallow.

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