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Can Fritz Expel-P and Paracleanse be used in conjunction?


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This is one of my last few female Pseudomugil gertrudae Aru II. I have two  males and three females in total. They’re about two years old. I started off with 14 individuals in November 2021 and now I only have five. I have Fritz Expel-P in the water column. Last Sunday I added an initial dose of Expel-P with a 50% water change. In the morning on Monday last week, I saw that my aquarium was cloudy and super cloudy. The canister filter stopped flowing. I did a 75% water change and got the filter running again. When the filter started to flow, a bunch of 0.5 cm whitish clear worms came out of the output. They weren’t planaria, as they didn’t have the triangular head of planaria. I couldn’t tell if they were alive and moving as they were falling down. Would those worms have been intestinal parasites? I’ve been thoroughly gravel vacuuming and draining my canister filter with each water change which is usually on Saturdays. I’ve haven’t seen these worms while cleaning. I didn’t see the worms yesterday in the gravel vacuum. 

Intestinal worms were likely introduced into my aquarium three months ago. I fed my fish some live blackworms that I used to get from an lfs. The day after the feeding, one of my male P. gertrudae was super bloated, and a female Okefenokee Pygmy Sunfish was bloated and had a long strand of white, stringy feces. I added in Fritz Paracleanse that day and then a week later. The sunfish survived but the blue-eye. I think he could’ve eaten too many worms. Friday I fed in some chopped up pieces of frozen bloodworms. I fed about half a cube and didn’t see any one fish eat too many worms. I don’t remember the last time I fed frozen bloodworms as it was a long time ago.  I’m sorry that this not well written but I’m having so many issues with this aquarium. The pictured female Blue-eye isn’t schooling with the other fish and didn’t eat any live baby brine shrimp that I just fed

The other thing that has stumped me so that not all of the other fish have this bloating issue. I have two female guppies that have wide stomachs, but they are most likely just pregnant as I’m not losing guppies. I have four male guppies with torn fins, but two others that aren’t. The purple mosaic is older than the others pictured as I got him first from a local club auction. The younger male doesn’t have torn fins. I’m not sure if that is wasting disease or just nipped fins. My Melanotaenia sahulensis rainbowfish are older than all of the other fish in here and they don’t have any issues. I also have four rainbow stiphodon gobies and they don’t have issues. They’re a benthic feeder so I assume that they would always have parasites. When I look at them laying on the bottom or on the sides of the glass, they don’t have swollen stomachs. My O Pygmy sunfish hide a lot and I only saw one fish a few nights ago sitting on the bottom so I don’t know about they’re status. They are about two years old and they’re lifespan is two to three years so they could be passing away from old age. I had four OPS to begin with. 

After I get this issue solved, I need help on algae, nutrient and light balance but I’ll make another post for that. You can probably see the algae in the pictures. Thank you in advance. 






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The worms you had in your filter could be detritus worms you can get bloating from internal parasite or your fish over eating or being constipated  try fasting them for a day or two and see if the bloating goes down I wouldn't use paracleanse and Expel p at the same time what I would is treat with Expel p do a large water change and run active carbon for 48 hr then do a course of paracleanse repeat the Expel p in a week on week three do another course of Expel p water change run carbon for 48 hr then do the second course of paracleanse follow up in two weeks with a third course of paracleanse @eddie462

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