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Anubias rhysome rot

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New aquarium, new user of real plants. I saw a couple leaves from the new anubias floating around this morning and thought maybe the current from the filter was too rough for the plant so I began to re-tie the rhizome in another spot. It was all mushy. I have no experience with real plants so I’m here to learn.

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Your on the right track. Best advice I have for most things, at least that works for me, set it and forget it. Obviously you do maintenance including ferts and tabs and algae removal, assess water quality issues and lighting, but all in all I’ve had the best success when I set the plants up for success and just allow them to do there thing. You will probably find that some plants grow like crazy for you, and some you have trouble with. Example, everyone can grow guppy grass so it was one of the first plants I tried many years ago… it all died immediately, but hornwort grows daily in my water… things like that. Once you find what grows well for you in your water, and dial in the nutrients and lighting, I would guess your going to love live plants… make sure your rhizome doesn’t get buried, Not sure why it’s mushy, best guess, eighter it’s about to die or it’s transitioning, I typically glue rhizome plants or weigh them rather then tying them personally but which ever way ends up working for you. Plants are trial and error but in my opinion worth it…

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