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Stocking idea's for a 30 gal walstad


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30 g is a nice size. 

Bettas can be great but when they’re not they’re not. I’m someone whose had it work particularly with female bettas but also had it not work and had the little f/)$er kill everything in the tank - he was a male, his name was dumpster for all the fish, snails and shrimp he forced me to fish out and put in the dumpster of my apartment in Baltimore. 

Neons are great but they are genetically very weak and tend to have health issues. I’d go with cardinals, green or black neons. Last fish you should add are otocinclus- if you sneeze the wrong way they'll crump on you. Have the tank dialed in and have a lot of algae and biofilm for them.

Corys I’d either do 20 Pygmy’s or I’d do a group of 7 pandas 🐼. Sterbai would be a good choice as well. 

Have fun this will be awesome! 

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