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Thank you for your information, inspiration, and support!


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After six months of learning I've achieved my goal of three fancies and five platties in my 75-gallon planted tank this week! Poke, Wasabi, and (Monster) Wasabi didn't even react when I added their plattie pals and, so far, they swim and vacuum substrate and plants in total harmony.

I wish to express my gratitude that after visiting five other Seattle-area stores (and not speaking to anyone because the environment and tank quality didn't feel 'right') I met Brandon at Aquarium Co-op. His style was warm, informative, and encouraging. At that time I had only an internet-researched idea of 'fancy goldfish for their personalities!'. He was generous with his time and explanation of the items and sequence I'd need to learn to sustain an ecosystem they could thrive in. As I left with my new tank and a game plan to add my first friends a week later, Brandon mentioned Cory and the tremendous online resources and support available... I had no idea I'd stumbled upon a national aquarist treasure in my own backyard! I didn't even know aquarist was a term! 

Brandon's (plus many of your) guidance and support has literally changed our lives for the better every day! We love our fish friends! And I love continuously learning. 

Thank you to Brandon, Cory, Aquarium Co-op, and to everyone in our broader online community who has helped to educate and encourage us to learn how to build and maintain a beautiful ecosystem. I (and so many others) have probably read your threads and watched your videos trying to be better. Just, yay. ❤️


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