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Dorm tank Journal

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  • 1 month later...

Final Update:

Been putting off this final update out of laziness. Hopefully no one was worried that i killed all the guppies and was to embarassed to make an update (which is what i would do tbh).

Against everyones advice, i moved the fish inside the tank. I took plenty of precautions but it was a pain. It was very stressful but it worked out. All the fish survived. Im not sure if any of the shrimp died during the move, but i know some died before and after. This summer, I'm going to try a shrimp only tank, and really put a lot of attention into them. 

The fish have gotten colored up and are reaching full size. Interestingly, while all the babies are dumbo mosiacs, they are all different colors. 

Some of the plants did well and some did not. The anacharis, water lettuce, and dwarf sag all took of. I moved the dwarf sag to another tank. The microsword never took off, i suspect it's root system is too shallow to take advantage of the substrate.


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I just got caught up on your journal. Great outcome with those pretty guppy babies and your tank looked great. Those long roots are so pretty and I'm sure the fry love them.

re: your shrimp, I have a 10g that had shrimp and some guppy fry/juveniles in it, and the population wasn't decreasing but it wasn't booming either. A couple of weeks ago I removed the guppies and once the tank was shrimp-only, the population seems to have exploded--babies everywhere, of all sizes. So once you have a shrimp-only tank, you may see a big increase quickly.

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