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Med question...levamisole vs paraclense for suspected internal parasite issue?


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Hi guys. My kiddo has a planted tank, 10g. It is cycled,  about 3 months old, running a sponge filter, ammonia, nitrates and nitrites all at 0-- nitrates are mostly waay low in this tank, we don't really fertilize it, the plants are duck weed, java moss, and left over val runners cast off from other tanks. pH is 7.6-ish, and the heater is a bit sketch, got up to 81, but is meant to be set at 78. I have a secondary thermometer in there and am eyeballing it several times a day. Water is soft.

The tank has has a couple of losses. fish were medicated with the trio on the way in. We lost a betta to emaciation twice now. And now 2 of the danios are not eating and emaciated too. I am suspecting internal parasites of some kind, due to the slow sporadic attrition. The tank also contains khuli loaches and random snails. 

I have on hand the med trio, and levamisole. What would you recommend here? 

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Aw shoot, Brandy. Sorry you're having to deal with that! I tried both the med trio and levamisole. It killed my cycle and I'm still not sure I got rid of the parasites.

I'd do the med trio first. It seemed to be easier on my fish and my tank. The levamisole, I think, is what wiped out my cycle. You'll want to avoid that if possible, I'd guess. 

Lots of luck with it. I hope it works well for your kiddo's tank.


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