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Hey Coop Troops,

I'm Jack from Minnesota. I've been a hobbyist for 8ish years now. I started with african cichlids, moved into plants/aquascaping. I currently have 11 aquariums. The largest is 125 gallons. I've been working on breeding spotted congo puffer with limited success but am going to give it another try too. I've been watching the the Co op channel for 5ish years now and was fortunate enough to hang out with Cory, Joel, Randy, Preston, Dean, Bentley, and bunch of other fish people at the 2019 AGA in Seattle.


Out side of aquariums, I work as a home remodeler working in almost every aspect of building. I'm a cat dad to Mr. Sophie and Pepperoni. I also like to game on PC. Apex, Bannerlord, Hell Let Loose, and usually try out any other battle royal games that look interesting.

DSC_0272 (1).JPG

DSC_0650 (1).JPG



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