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24 inch Fluval 2.0 in planted 40B

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Hi Everybody, 

While I was deployed, my wife picked me up a used 40 breeder with Fluval 2.0. In my excitement, I set up the tank without checking out the light. Unfortunately, it's only a 24 inch, and the light doesn't seem to reach the edges of the tank. The light is directly on the glass lid. 

The tank right now has a banana plant, dwarf hairgrass, hygrophila pinnetifada, moss balls, java moss, java fern, water sprite, black pearl, crypt wendi green, repens, and bacopa. Since I'm a bad water gardener, it'll probably catch duckweed and pearl weed too. The majority of the plants are under the light, with some of the hairgrass, bacopa, and repens not directly under. I've set to full power for 8 hours per day. The only fish are 9 white clouds. 

What does the community think on the light? Will 24 inches suffice, or do I need a 36 inch to cover the whole tank. 



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First you don't want it resting directly on the hood as that might increase the heat (most of the heat is  dissipated via a heat sink on the top but still there is some heat on the bottom. Beyond that the only concern is the edge. If you can return the light i'd get the longer version which is also a bit stronger (though the 24 inch version is strong enough for the plants you have. If you were to keep it i'd try to hang it (they do sell a hanging kit for the fluval) or get some blocks and set the legs on the blocks so there is space under the lamp.

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