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Fun Fish Facts


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I was doing some reading and came across a pretty awesome little fact. I had to share because it involves a word we all have heard a ton from Cory.

Guess what the largest live-bearer fish is?

I'll add the answer below with a link to an old article/essay that was mentioned in the book I'm reading.

Answer: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF00004997

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structural colour is a type of colour that works by reflecting light using tiny structures each structure is only nanometer across  this is a butterfly but fish have the same type of thing (the bar at the bottom is one nanometer)blue_morpho_microrib_nise.jpg.9bb75719e8783d9f177bf12a422df753.jpg
and a human hair for comparison (the bar is 10 nanometers)human_hair_nise.jpg.641019a4fa6957736b9e3f330c120257.jpg

most iridescent colours work this way however neontetra can change the angles of the structure to change there's colour based off the lighting the idea of this is crazy image making something that small and precise  than someone saying but can you make it different colours with just an angle change loldn17038-2_300.jpg.118bec915099ecb839f9ee2b9c58ab80.jpg


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