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Easy green daphnia safe?

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On 8/22/2022 at 10:45 AM, Mandy411 said:

Has anyone used easy green in a daphnia culture? 

That will not work. You can however use Easy Green to help your Green Water Culture, which you then in turn a week or two later can then feed to your daphnia once it has developed into a thick algae culture. Here is my basic recipe for making green water:

Rinse Water from when I made rice for dinner and 1 tsp of yeast mixed in a bullet style blender.

Fill a bucket with 4 gallons of water from my fish pond (you could use aged tap water, but its going to take longer if you don't have an inoculant)

Pour the mixture in and put the bucket in a mostly sunny spot.

In a day or two it might start to stink a little, but after about 5 days it starts to deepen to an thick emerald green. Then I feed about 1 or 2 mason jars worth of green water to my daphnia cultures...When I do water changes, I really just reduce the water to about 2 gallons, and the water level increases as I continue to feed them green water.

The resultant green water should look like the bucket on the left. The bucket on the right is the daphnia culture that get's fed the green water about one or two mason jars at a time.



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