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My turn. Egg ID?


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I got the ID for the other post asking for an egg ID then hours later found an unknown egg of my own lol. 

I snapped these pics then attempted to grab it to move it. It was balanced so delicately that it easily fell off and into the substrate. Possible species in the tank are: panda cories (I highly doubt this one), otos, reticulated hillstream loaches and forktail blue-eyed rainbowfish (pseudomugil furcata)

If it's an oto or hillstream I'm curious how long they take to hatch and when I might expect them to be large enough to start seeing them poke out. That is given they actually hatch and then don't get eaten as fry ofc lol. 



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On 8/21/2022 at 6:46 PM, Struggle said:

My vote is panda cory. 😂

The reason I doubt that is because I collect panda cory eggs about 3x a week out of spawning mops. Now that doesn't mean they don't deposit eggs elsewhere, but usually when they do its in a dense area of plants and not like this. Also, it honestly doesn't entirely look like one to me. Now that said, it doesn't mean it's not possible. 

Wanted to add...

One reason it doesn't look like one to me mainly is size. It was smaller than the cory eggs I collect. That said, I've recently been finding smaller eggs in the mops than I'm not entirely sure if they are.cory eggs or not. 

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