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I am looking for suggestions for lighting for a 125g aquarium


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If you run co2 and go with more exotic plants then you will want a stronger light (wrgb 2 pro, hydra 32 freshwater, twinstar 9000, ....); if you skip the co2 and focus mostly on green plants then one of the cheaper lights for $50 might do but if you truly want to carpet and your tank is 21 inches deep you might still need a stronger light to get good par at the bottom. dwarf hair grass can be difficult to grow (dwarf sagagittaria is much easier); i found dwarf hair grass very difficult and probably require a nutrient rich substrate (which creates other problems for such a large tank). dwarf sag will grow very slow and very short in a low tech tank - in a high-tech tank (co2) it will grow faster and much taller but even then it will take a long time to carpet a 125 - hard for me to estimate how long with co2 since i keep mine constrained to a single corner but with a low tech tank probably 2 or 3 years.


Hum it turns out there are three species of dwarf hair grass; and unfortunately i can't remember the one i tried. e. parvula is suppose to be the fastest growing and easiest of the three. The one being sold on aquariumcoop is e. acicularis. parvula might not be the pretty one as it does grow a bit taller so you need to look into which species you want.

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