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Fish ID question


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Alright I figured this would be a good first question for the forum. Yesterday I went to a new LFS 1 1/2 hours from my house for some CPDs. When I finally got back home I was looking in the bag while the fish was acclimating and noticed that one of the fish I had received was a random straggler from the sales tank at the store. Does anyone have an idea on what fish this is ? 

Thank you in advance for any potential help!

P.S. not only is this my first post but I’m doing it off my iPhone so if this is not properly formatted please let me know



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@Coluis right, scarlet badis.  Almost certainly a male.  Females are uncommon to rare to see in most pet shops since they are pale grey, minimal markings, and rarely over 1/2” long from what I’ve read.  I once thought I had found 2 females and a male.  Nope, subdominant males.

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I saw the pic and said out loud "it's a bada$$"  can't not think that when seeing this fish. 

Also, when's it my turn to get a cool random free fish or invert?  All I ever get is the only snails I don't want!  I once saw on Facebook someone got a free crab in their online order!  

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