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Age of juvenile fish?


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I have a group of 11 and they are really starting to show age differences. A group of 4 or 6 (I cannot count them bc they move too fast and hide) are now obviously older than the others. Just wondering how long it takes for them to mature. I got them last week and the oldest ones barely had the reddish hue on their gill covers. Now they're getting an obvious golden-pinkish hue all over. But the littlest ones are still grayish. Here is one from today versus almost the whole group last week. Sorry about cell phone pics. My regular camera has trouble focusing with the extreme closeups. (Any photography tips welcome - I have a Nikon Coolpix B500). 

They're getting a little bolder when I sit farther away from them. Exploring more of tank, chasing each other. I can't wait until I can move them out of quarantine!



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1 minute ago, Cory said:

What type of fish are they? Different fish have different growth rates and maturity. Also size isn't a good determination of the age of a fish. Growing fish from a batch of fry you'll have some that are 3x as large as the smallest as an example and they are all the same age. 

Hi Cory! I love all my new coop products! They are danio erythromicron.

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