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Ember tetra med trio


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10 gallon quarantine tank

pH 7.2

ammonia .25 (it’s cycling after med treatment)

nitrite 0

nitrate 5

KH 3

Temp 78

lots of floating stem plants, and java fern, bare bottom, 4 shrimp, possible some baby bladder snails which came in on plants, small sponge filter, we use R/O water and add Equalibrium for minerals, minimal decoration 

After getting these 10 ember tetra from Petco last week, we put the med trio in the day after they arrived.  We lost two; one on day 2 and one on day 3.  Performed a series of water changes to get the meds out; 50% one day, 25%, day after and 25% two days after (since the fish appeared to be struggling, hanging at surface, gasping, etc.). I realized I should have given them more time to be able to acclimate before medicating (thanks to info given on this forum).  Now they seem to be doing great and I am wondering how to proceed.  Do we 1) treat prophylacticly one of the meds (1st week Maracyn, 2nd week ich X, third week paracleanse) per week or 2) try treating all at once again, or 3) just treat with para cleanse and observe for several weeks without treating antibiotic or antifungal, unless needed.  I realize some of this is probably a personal preference type of thing, but would appreciate input from more seasoned aquarists.   I just worry about stressing them with meds again and also want to proceed the most efficient way as it is difficult to wait to add to show tank.  😉



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If they showing no outward signs of disease I usually just quarantine for 4 weeks I only treat if I see any symptoms  if there hanging the surface rapid breathing that can be a sign of low levels of desolve oxygen I would add an extra air stone as medication can change the viscosity of the water 

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