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Bonsai tree start up


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20220818_195522.jpg.78ce2ef191f2c00682abf0e3f900c761.jpg382489316_Screenshot_20220818-194733_SamsungInternet.jpg.1cce6823e25b6940af74bf1cb64bbf60.jpg612947351_Screenshot_20220818-194806_SamsungInternet.jpg.dae2c224daee7ba369f91240282168c7.jpg1561802716_Screenshot_20220818-194256_SamsungInternet.jpg.53fe4002cc22d80877f46214b877fe80.jpgSo I am starting a new tank and I wonted to do a bonsai set up I have a 65 gallon tall tank it's 20in wide and 26in tall 18 in deep and I have grown some simple plants in many tanks but was wondering if I could get some help on what types of moss or plant that would be easy to moderate to grow I have a good light and would be welling to use  fertilizer  but realy did not wana get in to the co2 systems  here are some pics of what I was hopeiing to do lookingnfor all the help I can get on plant and moss ideas 

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I guess it kind of depends on the look you're going for and how much maintenence you're up for.

There was a post on the forum about someone with a süsswassertang bonsai, which I thought looked cool, but that would also thrive with really low light.

My LFS/wholesaler (not quite sure what they are), had an awesome bonsai with Christmas tree moss.

Java moss would also look cool, but I think if you don't manage it, it can start to creep and grow mad crazy. Branch clusters may grow into each other.

It's not the picture you have but what about anubias nana petite? I saw a display once with the small leaves looking like tree leaves and the roots looking like vines.

Good luck with your project!

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