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New World Cichlids

Fish Folk

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Every once in awhile I am drawn out towards New World cichlids and get enchanted by their colors and personalities. Recently, someone posted this online, and I stumbled down a NERM hole…


The table below did not include Latin binomials. 


The colors on both tables here are a bit exaggerated from normal aquarium display. But it was enough to launch a thousand ships…

Looking up Paraneetroplus gibbiceps


Of course, I came up with a lot if Paraneetroplus melanurus


Chasing down Rheoheros coeruleus


I would love to see photos of your large New World cichlids. (Or your favorites)


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I really enjoy the looks of the wild types of our new world cichlids:

discus and angel wild types source: TFH magazine 

wild type Uaru cichlid source: unknown


Here is one I’ve always loved though Geophagus retroculus


source: TFH magazine 


Also @Fish Folk  “I stumbled down a NERM hole…

sounds like you need life alert


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