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5 gallons tank - Stock with a pea puffer or 6-7 celestial pearl danios?

Karen B.

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On 8/22/2022 at 8:25 AM, Karen B. said:

Still, your experience has me reconsider a lot. CPO are another choice. Or Scarlet Badis! But how many in a 5 gallons is yet another question nobody seem to agree upon. 

Scarlet badis from my understanding and speaking to folks that have kept these they also do not do well on commercial foods and need lots of live. Each male needs roughly 6-8 square inches of territory and it must be densely planted so they do not see one another.  

I have only recently begun with Scarlet badis so I’m far from an expert. I have accumulated microworms, white worms, banana worms, grindal worms, hatching BBS and I’m working on scuds for them.  I also separated a small tank of neocaridina to grow a huge population to flood the tank with so they have plenty of shrimplettes to hunt.

@Rebecca M has kept them a few times and can shed light on if they are doable in a 5G.  

Like @Odd Duck stated good luck finding females. Most “females” sold are sub dominant males. 

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