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Help with cloudy water


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So first off this forum has been fantastic with helping me with stuff so thanks to everyone for that. So I have a 125 gallon planted tank with flourite sand substrate with bladder snails and 35 neocaridina. My issue is every time I add fertilizer to the tank the water gets crazy foggy until I change it out. I'm using easy green all in one. I started out using 12 pumps since it's 1 pump per 10 gallons that would make the water straight up green. So I started doing less and less. I stopped all together but then my non rooted plants started going brown. So I do a couple pumps and right back to foggy water. I can't seem to find the balance with this. Any suggestions?

Also ammonia 0 nitrites 0 and nitrates like 5 to 10ppm

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