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Corydoras eggs?


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2 hours ago, ChefConfit said:

I have 3 peppered and one emerald in the tank. What is the likelihood that any fry will survive in my community tank. Other tank mates are 1 guppy, 12 neon tetras, 5 otos and 1 blue dream shrimp

I would say the odds are extremely low, almost zero, that any fry could survive in your community tank. When Corydoras fry first hatch, they are tiny, tiny little things (you can hardly see them), and even neon tetras, as small as they are, would have no trouble scarfing them down.

If you want to save any, you should probably consider coming up with a way to separate them. I just removed a plant leaf with a few Corydoras eggs last Sunday and had a few of them hatch in a plastic container (with an air stone) that I'm letting float in a tank. 

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My salt and pepper corys spawn constantly in my community tank. Over the course of 2 1/2 years about 20 have made it to adulthood. The more cover you have, the greater their chances.

I had the most survive when my dwarf sag carpet was out of control and super dense. One day I pulled out all the sag and was surprised by how many young corys were hiding in there. 

The other day I watched a couple deposit and fertilize eggs on the glass while a third cory  followed right behind them and ate half the eggs as they were being laid. So odds are definitely against them, but over time, given adequate cover, some find a way to survive.

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