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Baby goldfishes out of nowhere


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Is it possible? I have a 10 gal tank that sat empty for months. I figured just run it since it was sitting empty but on display in my living room. So I filled it up and turned pump on. Never touched it for another couple months. Then all of a sudden, there’s 10 baby ranchu goldfishes.

My (2) 55gal tanks has orandas and ranchus. But they was never near the 10 gal tank. Where did these baby fishes come from.
Then, I have a 40 gal pond set up that was dried up. Also for months. I literally scraped the dried up dead plants and dirt from it and added water to it. Thinking I’d start growing aquatic plants. No desire to put fishes. Then a week later, there’s a lone baby ranchu goldfish.

what the heck? I’m so confused how this happened. Both tank and pond was dried up. (Mind you, I never stuck any nets from one tank to another. So I have no clue how this could happen.)

The babies in the 10 gal don’t have color yet, just the silver color. The one lone goldfish in my 40 gal pond, already has orange and black spots. I’m seriously weird out, honestly.

Also, thinking long term. I just don’t have the space for them 🥴



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It's got to be the eggs, rather than the fish, that survived in drought, and when you added water the eggs hatched.  The eggs were probably attached to the equipment you are using. 

Congratulations on your babies!  Time to get a plastic tote so they can have more gallons.


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