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The Betta Who Doesn’t Know He’s a Betta (Yuzu’s Journal)


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This fish though! He is craaaazy!

1) Doesn’t eat from the top of the tank, instead he eats the Repashy at the bottom along side the Panda Corys 

2) Apparently didn’t get the  memo that Betta don’t like strong water flow, so when I turn up the filter to quickly clear some debris. This little dude will literally ride the current to the bottom of the tank, swim up and around to the top to catch it again and ride it down.. over and over. As soon as I turn it down, he gets bored and goes back to racing up and down the tank with the Cory.

3) he “supervises” the Nerites. He’s constantly checking their work. D13ED235-0678-495E-9C2D-E52D64A2DB55.jpeg.a7f8dae5fca531fc6a24df2045c1c6e7.jpegD13ED235-0678-495E-9C2D-E52D64A2DB55.jpeg.a7f8dae5fca531fc6a24df2045c1c6e7.jpeg







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On 8/11/2022 at 8:55 AM, Guppysnail said:

He sounds like a barrel of fun 😍

He is… I love this little guy!

also forgot to mention… he guards the Repashy and sinking wafers  from the Cardinal Tetra so the Pandas can eat in peace 😂

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Yuzu has eaten himself into quarantine! This fish has taken to eating everyone’s food (the Tetra’s, the Corydoras, the Shrimp and his own!) and stuffed himself to the point that he has a swim bladder issue. I came home yesterday to find him hanging face down in the tank! He swims fine, but at rest, he can’t keep himself upright..  so he earned himself a trip to the hospital tank and a 3 day fast. Hopefully it’s just constipation. He’s not acting lethargic or like he’s ill, but this crazy fish is keeping me on my toes! He might end up in his own tank after this so I can control his food!



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So… it’s been awhile since I’ve been on the forum, life got crazy around here… but…. Yuzu, sadly, did not make it.

after moving him into quarantine and watching him carefully for over a month while his new tank was cycling (decided not to have him rejoin general population and opted to give him his own space), I moved him into his new bachelor pad. He was doing well. Eating normally, acting normally, swimming normally- no outward signs of illness or disease, everything seemed fine and life with my Aqua pets carried on.  Then, one afternoon I came home to find him passed away. Nothing seemed amiss otherwise. Ammonia was 0, nitrites 0 and nitrites just at 10ppm. No chlorine or chloramine and ph was 7.5. 

I was heartbroken. He was such a cool little character and I’ve no idea what happened to him, but he got a proper farewell. I ended up just breaking the tank down and storing it away. 

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