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 My 29 gallon has some von rio tetras, super colorful and have some personality. Also, not to big so you can get a reasonable sized group of them. I have a peacock gudgeon as well. The Von Rios, hang out together then go their separate ways, then hang out together again. They really like investigating the plants. More of a middle to bottom of the tank dwellers. They are also kinda comical to watch.  I also have some Conchu tetras (blue tetras). Pretty fish, very active and too common. They like the top to middle of the tank. They can out compete the Von Rios for food so I make sure to have some slow sinking pellets (Extreme Nano). They are more of a shoaling fish in my group of 7.  They are bigger then the Von Rios (flame tetra). I attached some pictures, but seriously don't do the any justice, more vibrant in person. 




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On 8/10/2022 at 6:41 PM, pjust9 said:

So my water is roughly 7.5pH and 80°F and it’s fairly soft water. What types of small schooling fish would you recommend for this tank? I like ember tetras, would they work? What other kind would work? It’s a 29gal fully planted tank

I've got some ember tetras in a 29.  PH is usually around 7.6 to 7.8.  My temp floats between 77 and 79 during the summer.  They are doing well.  If that is what you like, then I would go for it.  The recommended ph on the internet for those guys are usually below 7 but I have not had any issue at all.  My water is on the harder end of things, so you are closer to the suggested conditions for those guys anyway.

One thing to note about Ember tetras that I don't see talked about much- There are two naturally occurring colors.  Both are a shade of orange, but I find the "red" variation to much more vibrant.  The "orange" variation is light and can look a little washed out sometimes.  Just don't get the "orange" and expect it to color up to what you see in pics of the red variation.  Around me the orange variation is much more common.  I have both in the same tank and it looks fine to me.  Just the red ones look like they are colored up more (like dominant males in sub species do).  If you ask people at a store which version they have, they will look at you like you are crazy. So just keep an eye out.  Once you have seen both versions, you can tell the difference when you see them.


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