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Caribsea super naturals vs ecocomplete


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So a lot of you have given me great responses in helping me get my 75g set up! 

For those that haven't seen my many posts about it... this is a 75g Amazon river basin biotope (or as close to as possible without making loads of extra work for me) 

Given the intended biotope- sand is the obvious answer right? My corys and apistos would love it, I probably would not. 

I currently use eco-complete in a heavily planted tank and love it- I haven't done a gravel vac in ages! Eco-complete is likely a little too rough for apistos and corys. Does anyone have experience with the CaribSea super naturals sand? Some sources say it's heavy enough not to get sucked into filters etc. while others say it never settles and clogs their sinks. 

What are your best recommendations? 

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I can’t wait to see this tank. When my 200 was up one one it’s iteration was the Amazon am this is by far my favorite. One question are you going all in with the ALTUM angelfish, Pterophyllum altum

I have never had issues with the eco complete inbred corys on it but I see you point and it does address what I was just about to post. Corys and gravel. I would you be willing to go up to the next size. I don’t have the chart in from of me but I think there are several . The some CaribSea super naturals sand is actually known to be sharp but not all. If you have not made your mind up yet recommend Jungle River Sand or peace river. I perfer the piece river because it is much smoother an a little bigger that jungle river and that should help with any getting in filters. I included the link that should take you to the different sands. Remember that the pic are blown up. 


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