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Hardy fish for a community tank


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I have three community tanks (55, 29 and 29) and between them probably at least 30 different fish.  What fish do you find are the hardiest in your community tanks and which ones do you find aren't.  I have good luck with:  any type of cory catfish, rummy nose tetras, cardinal tetras, tiger barbs, clown loaches, angel fish, glass cats, red eyed tetras, angel fish, pricilla tetras, bristle nose plecos and diamond tetras.  What don't do well for me:  silver tip tetras, ember tetras, mollies, dwarf gourami, and kuhli loaches. 

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I have 8.2 pH water, with high GH.

  • I have had good luck with Corydoras trilinteatus, but Corydoras pygmaeus and Corydoras panda haven't done as well.
  • Pearl gouramis and Lake Kutubu rainbowfish have done well.
  • Pristella tetras, serpae tetras, lemon tetras, and black neon tetras have been just about bulletproof.  I have struggled with rummy nose tetras, cardinal tetras, and neon tetras.
  • Sparkling gouramis, celestial pearl danios, and Kubotai rasboras haven't done well for me at all, but I might give them another try at some point in the future.
  • As you might expect from my water parameters, guppies thrive for me (though I wouldn't really consider them community fish).
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