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Thanks @OceanTruth and @Hobbit!

I haven’t used leaves in anything except that leaf bucket experiment, and what I left in the tubs. That middle bucket is dark just from the wood, and no water changes. I just have wood and plants in there right now.

The tank that I setup for my folks is also very dark, from wood, perhaps soil, and no water changes. I’ll be adding more plants today, and I’ll take some more photos.

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I worked on my bucket list today.

I got a new five gallon bucket dedicated to my screen sorters.


I also consolidated all of my spare Duckweed into a bucket for Sam the turtle.


I cleaned out more buckets.


I filled two more top-off buckets to off-gas chlorine.


I upgraded my utility buckets with a new five gallon, and my other spare light, and properly-routed all of the air and power.



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To be clear, I only have four 5 gallon buckets, not including my reef salt. The other white ones are 2 gallons, and the clear ones are even smaller (for fry checks). The small white buckets are easier up and down stairs, and to carry in pairs. Most of my work in buckets is about managing Duckweed, while saving snails, and returning shrimp fry.

Of those three utility buckets, the one on the left has Maple leaves and snails. The middle one has wood, Anubias, mulm-loaded foam pulled from my windowsill tanks, and rubber plants growing out from cuttings. The bucket on the right is for water top-offs.

This thread explains why I have a bucket of leaves:


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7 minutes ago, Streetwise said:

I have neglected this tank except for feeding and top-off. It looks like a tribute to Hair Metal.






My one attempt at a no-filter brackish tank with 24 hr lighting to try to hatch nerite snails looked like this. Scuttled it after 2 months w/no snails, left it outside for a week to freeze. Let's see what survived.

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