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Betta going blind or sick?

J. Holmes

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I have a male dumbo who has been really healthy. Watching him yesterday I noticed this little white dot over his eye. I’ve read where sometimes those scales can begin to grow over their eyes. I’m not sure if he has that, going blind, or is sick. I just did a water change to see if that was the issue. Anyone dealt with this before? I added one picture of the side that is normal. The other two are of the bad eye. He still acts normal and feeding great. When I shine light on the eye, it does reflect the color of his scales. 


20 gallon






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He could have injured his eye or it scale growing over the eye I would just monitor him to make sure he can see to eat ok you could add some Indian almond leaves as they have antibacterial and antifungal properties depending on the quality of the leaves you might have to add 1 leaf per gallon to get a benefial effect just in case it's an injury

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