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Do I need this light - Maybe?


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001.JPG.528a43c7e1653eeb52daf2c1568b4a5d.JPG006.JPG.360d1638ab2cbd6845a4fdd7758a1a8e.JPG003.JPG.d98be2f7006d6e56de5a7c37a033a895.JPG005.JPG.d75044a94e67290112b6e29af11e583a.JPG002.JPG.9753e00cfa2786983c2f96f3cad7b7c4.JPGBeen thinking about a new light but not really into tech stuff or spending $300. So, I got one of these Asta 120 80w. LED light to try out. I wanted to get the light a little higher off the tank. Don`t ask me why😕 Problem #1 is these are made for a rimless tank but thought how hard could it be to make something. Problem #2 what to use. I even spent some time online looking but then decided to use some dividers from a box that holds fishing lures. Problem solved I think, and hot glue worked fine, if the glue fails and the plastic falls out its going to make one heck of a noise. 😟 I have never had a light that shows a shimmering effect also reflects off the ceiling which is distracting to me. Are all rimmed tanks the same as far the space edge to glass inside at the top, if so then a spacer should be included maybe too much to ask for. Has anyone else tried this light, might make algae a problem. A few pictures.

On a side note, directions say this is for a 24" cube. Maybe I need two (40B) 

Please let me know what you think.

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