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I have a problem. I am addicted to rainbowfish. Whether it glossolepis, chilaterina, melanotaenia to Rhads and al the others in between, I love them! Blue eyes, psuedomugils are also one of my addictions. Luckily, being in Australia I have access to a lot of rare Australian Species, like Rhads (Leo O’Reilly’s morphs), Pygmaea and Malanda. Hopefully I will get some Malanda one day.




Melanotaenia pygmaea, Pygmy rainbowfish. Probably one of my most shy rainbows, but is still stunning. Likes the tank hot.  


Male Kangaroo Creek Melanotaenia duboulayi, crimson spotted rainbowfish9A452D6D-EA63-4E55-95D8-C0D224F6C1AE.jpeg.af099dd93904488e6ded5e36616474e0.jpeg

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