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Snailers Annonymous


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Panda cories have their post, now snails have theirs!  

I call all those with a snail addiction.  Do you giggle at shells?  We have a place for you! Whether it's voluntary or thrust upon you from getting plants, I'm speaking to all of you with a tank full of snails! 

Let us share our love and hate of all things snails!

I start this meeting speaking of the impulse buy. I have a story:

Occasionally I can't sleep. When I can't sleep I get tired. If that tired is accompanied by boredom or sadness, I sometimes buy snails. It's a thing that happens. Well, I decided awhile ago that I wouldn't mind a female purple or blue. Female specifically is hard to just find since most people sell them at a younger age. While browsing eBay I saw a seller I have bought magenta snails from before is also selling purple. I decided to bid. The post already had 3 bids. I put in my bid of $21. Then I noticed there is a 2nd post with no bids at $15. Realizing I could have saved $6 I did the logical tired brain thing and bid on that one as well. If i do win both I have space for them for sure but idk if I actually want both lol. Maybe it will work out and was meant to be who knows!


Also, today I noticed my ramshorns are producing purples!!  I now have red, blue, brown, ivory and purple!!  I had a little photo opp too. Here's the 4 colors. I didn't take a pic of brown but tbh some of them are a copper color which is super pretty imo. The purple one doesn't look purple too much yet but as it's gets bigger the red and the blue will mix making purple!





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I miss my nerite. I called him Snowpatch because of the white bit of shell that got flaked off before I took him home to my crushed coral goldfish tank.

Best mawn lower of green spot algae I ever had...you are missed, my snaily friend. May you glide over the endless fields of gastropod heaven and nom your name in all the rocks.

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