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Starting moderately rare/uncommon fish breeding project/business-Fish Room Planning


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So, While this is still in the planning stages, I have come up with a few ideas for the number of tanks, etc. for fish room.

I found a decent pre-made system that I would like to start out with, that has 3 50-gallon aquariums on a rack, with a customizable sump and plumbing system, and Lights. It is rather pricey, but 2 of those would fit the available space perfectly. The same company that sells those also sells betta racks similar to those used in the aquarium co-op store.

In addition to that system, I will also have 2 20-gallon Fry tanks (one for each strain of guppy to keep lines pure) and 4 27-gallon multipurpose/quarantine tanks.

I am still considering what I am going to do as far as the bettas go, in order to maximize space use but also give them a good home for when they are not breeding.

Let me know what you think!

EDIT: I mean to keep the fry from mixing in order to keep track of them, I'm fully aware fry can't breed LOL

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One thing that you may want to consider before dropping a lot of money into these systems....can they be turned into display tanks/systems if you decide that the breeding project is not for you?

The other thought that I have (regarding the three 50 gallon tanks with a sump), is that if these are breeding tanks, you should consider having a closed system for each tank (not a shared sump). If you are investing a lot of money and resources into a breeding program, you probably want to keep everything separate to avoid cross contamination (diseases, parasites, etc.), avoid fry or eggs getting mixed up, varying water temps or hormones in the water, so on....

Your project sounds fun. Please share the progress as you move forward!

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The individual tanks can be closed off from the main system if required. These tanks are not breeding tanks, they are holding/display aquariums. The actual breeding tanks wil be individually filtered using sponge filters. Hopefully will have the project up and running within a year. Thanks for the input!

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