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First time: 2 palustris pairs spawning simultaneously

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@Tyler Kaplan Nice.

I look to pull some eggs, if I pull any, around 5 days post laying. The male has removed the bad ones and kept nothing but good eggs ready to hatch by then.Its more of a feel for me though; I wait until they are eyed up and looking about right in the cave to siphon out.

I only take a portion of the spawn when I take any. That is an adjustment made after a learning experience taking them all once. The male takes that guarding very seriously and when all eggs get removed he goes looking for a thief to dispatch and decides whoever he sees first is the enemy. He was so mad I did an emergency feeding of krill and apologized to him. We have an understanding of he keeps some I take some now but he still gives the COOP airline a run for its money when it's in there by the eggs

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On 8/2/2022 at 4:45 PM, Tyler Kaplan said:

Wow very interesting. I'm sure this dynamic of managing the aggression is even more sensitive with there being two different breeding pairs at the same time! 

Are you noticing similar sized clutches or is there a lot of variance? 

So far ..... I think they are a little too young to produce eggs but they are certainly fans of practicing. I did lay out the growout 50 so there was plant cover blocking the views from each cave. If they don't see an intruder from the cave they aren't too concerned

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