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Mystery snail and Rabbit snail mated?


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My male mystery snail and my female rabbit snail definitely mated and I wondered if that's okay? I know I can't do anything about it of course, but should I do anything, like move the male, or lower the tank water, and/or raise water temperature? They enjoy hanging out on the heater.

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I have heard of different snails crossbreeding before, and I think it is common. I don't think there are any problems with this except that the hybrid babies won't be able to breed. The eggs should hatch in 2-4 weeks, in optimal conditions. 

If your snails bred and the eggs hatch, a lot of eggs will hatch. Of course a lot of them will die off, but if you want them to live, make sure to feed them calcium, as they are born with soft shell. So many snails in an aquarium may be unsightly, but if you are okay with this, I don't see any problems.

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