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Is this Popeye?


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I'm fairly new to all this and have a fully cycled 20gal high w plants and driftwood. Just need some guidance please.

Last week during a water change, I notice 1 of my 6 panda cories had something wrong with its eyes. I believe that it is popeye but want to make sure.

I unfortunately don't have a hospital tank, hopefully will be able to get one tomorrow. I did attempt treating with Seachem Paraguard since I had it on hand but I don't think it has done anything. 

I just ordered some maracyn and aquarium salt. Wondering if I need kanaplex as well??? 

Water tested and all parameters are normal and all fish are acting normal and eating well. IMG_20220722_182153069.jpg.00ade72a9f8d4af4e9d134580dd440e3.jpg


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It looks more like an eye injury to me what I would do is increase water changes add a small amount of salt 1 table spoon for 5 gallons that will help relieve the any possible fluid buildup in the eye at that level it shouldn't harm your plants and you could do a course of maracyn2 in food the active ingredient is minocycline has anti-inflammatory properties and will cover against any secondary bacteria infection 





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