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The Nightmare Coming Back?


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Some time ago, I had some Cory's flashing and with help I received here, was able to eliminate it. However, I've now noticed some Black Neon's and Cardinal's flashing on plants. Not often, but enough to cause concern. I can see no signs of disease or parasites. I did 5 weeks of PraziPro back when the Cory's were flashing. Should I dose again with Prazi or try something else?

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 0

pH 7.4

Gh 5-6

KH 3-4

Light to Medium Planted, Blackwater Tank

Mineralized RO/DI

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On 10/22/2020 at 6:39 PM, Cory said:

How long ago were the treatments? Have you added new fish since those treatments?

So, I had a brain fart, I did add new fish. I had 7 Neon Tetras come out of QT. They were in QT for a month after a Med Trio.

Should I start another round of PraziPro? How many weeks should I treat? Is Prazi safe to use so much?

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23 minutes ago, Mmiller2001 said:

Metroplex by Seachem? And should I do a full course of Paracleanse or single dose and dose Metro at the same time? I would have to dose Metro through their food.

Sorry, I understand now, do a full round per box instruction or just one dose of Para?

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