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Is this Fin Rot


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Does my beta have fun rot on its tail? What should I do? What was the cause? He has been a little bit sluggish recently but he’s been eating fine (frozen bloodworms, krill flake, xtreme betta pellets, bug bites).

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 20ish

pH: 7.4

gH: 4dGH

kH: 2dGH

Temp: I keep it at 78°F but a few days ago the heater was stuck on and at 80°. I don’t know how long it was at 80° but I have a new heater now. Was this probably the cause?


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I don't see anything that resembles fin rot. You betta just might be "bored" or maybe its his "nature." Do you have any tank mates for him? The parameters seem just fine. I don't think that it has fin rot though. You should be fine

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