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Hi, i have a 29gal cycled tank that I want to stock, and i would like opinions on what im thinking.

-Centerpiece Fish: I originally wanted 1 angel, but i have been told that 29gal is too small for one; So now im thinking in the more Apistogramma or Bolivian Ram area

-"Filler" Fish: 2-3 honey gouramis

-Bottomdwellers: 6+ Corydoras and 3-4 Nerite Snails


Let me know what you all think and any changes you might make!

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I think either the Apisto or Bolivian ram setup would work well, along with the corydora. My advise would be to exclude the gouramis. You could also add a small school of tetras or rasboras if you are wanting that "filler" activity. 

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Welcome to the forum!

I will gently nudge you in the direction of the bolivian ram.  They are just a cool fish.  I will have to ask @Chick-In-Of-TheSeato post a video or something of hers. 🙂

It's one of the fish I've kept that is so personable and uniquely bonds with you in a way that a lot of other fish don't.

With corydoras, just be careful on temps.  False Julii would do pretty well in that tank.

On 7/28/2022 at 2:17 PM, pjust9 said:

ot a huge tetra guy, but there are some rasboras i like. Which do you think would work? How many? and why exclude the gouramis? I hear Honey Gouramis are quite peaceful. Thanks!

I think Zenzo was just saying it's not the type of fish to add for "filler".  They are usually added as more of a focal or centerpiece of the tank.

AqAdvisor is a great place where you can play with the numbers and stuff and try to get a good feel for stocking.  I'd try to have a tank that is ~75-85% "stocked" via that tool.

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Rasboras, speaking generally, might want to be cooler than the ram. Tetras tend to like warmer water. Look up emperor tetras or kabutai rasbora.  Personally, I think something like the green neons are really cool.  Silvertip tetras have been discussed a bit on the forums recently too!  (especially in a good size school)

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On 7/28/2022 at 2:20 PM, pjust9 said:

I hear Corys like a little bit cooler temps if im not mistaken. Would it make any difference to lay my heater horizontally towards the upper part of the tank? 

Nope!  Usually we use the words "cooler temp" in place of a few things.  Some species of fish like "flow" which kind of can go hand in hand with cooler water setups (72-74 vs. 78 degrees).  A lot of it in my experience goes down to species that prefer the cooler temps tend to like to have higher oxygenation. As temps go down, capacity for the water to hold more oxygen goes up.  It's slight, but it's just something to note.

Panda corys and some other corys might prefer "cooler temps" (just meaning more oxygenation) compared to something like a false Julii cory or some of the pygmy cories that do really well in that 76-78 range.  Something like german blue rams like 80+ degrees and I really think that's too hard on a lot of corydoras.

People have kept pandas and other corys at all kinds of temperatures.  I am just speaking from my own tanks and experiences.  There's always two sides to the story.  A fish from florida might be acclimated to a different temp than one that came from a different location.  It's always a good idea to ask the store what they keep their tanks at or the seller what they keep the fish at because of this type of a situation where tank bred, physical locations, etc. can alter things ever so slightly.

On 7/28/2022 at 2:25 PM, pjust9 said:

Taking out tetras or rasboras. We have the snails, corys, and Ram. Are there any other options that could be considered to sort of "fill in" the tank? or are the tetras and rasboras about it? Would Red-eye Tetras work?

I would say check out some silvertip tetras, green neons, black emperor tetras, chili rasbora would be ones to look at.

In terms of size, those will all do pretty well in a 29G tank 🙂

Let me answer your question with a question.... what are some of the colors you enjoy seeing or would look nice to you?

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On 7/28/2022 at 2:29 PM, pjust9 said:

I believe Apistogrammas like the mid 70s though am i right? So theyd work best with the corys? 

Bolivian rams are a bit more community friendly and very different than german blue rams.  Bolivian rams do just nice in the same temps as apistos. 🙂

Apisto can go down to that 74 range which would change stocking a little bit. 

Bolivian ram 78deg --> tetra, some rasboras, etc.

Apisto 74-78 --> rasbora, barb, white clouds, etc.

Some of those mentioned with apisto do just fine in the 68-74 range which might not be great for apisto.

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On 7/28/2022 at 5:47 PM, pjust9 said:

or to go off my question before. If the temp is a steady 76-78. Would Corys and an Apisto work? And what species of Tetra would you recommend (apart from the neons)? I personally like ones that are a little bigger

Cories won’t work in a situation where the apistos will want to breed.. a singular male and corydoras will work but a breeding pair is asking for trouble.

If you want to deviate from tetras, you could always go for pencilfish.

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On 7/28/2022 at 5:57 PM, pjust9 said:

Yes i definitely would just want to do 1 apisto as my centerpiece!! And as for the tetras, i like tetras, just not neon/cardinals. Are there any other kinds that i can get a school of that would fit those parameters?

Do you know your pH? 

Compatibility will really depend on which species of apisto you decide to keep.. Do you have any specific species in mind. ?

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On 7/28/2022 at 5:10 PM, pjust9 said:

Okay so the "final" decision for now:

-1 apisto Male

-6+ Corydoras 

-3-4 Nerite Snails

-School of Ember tetras or whatever tetra i can find (How many?)

Depends on what kind of tetra.  With embers, I would get 15+.  I like them because they are pretty readily available.  If you don’t like tetras, get some rasboras, or pencilfish or some other schooling thing you do like.

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On 7/28/2022 at 2:47 PM, pjust9 said:

Would Corys and an Apisto work? And what species of Tetra would you recommend (apart from the neons)? I personally like ones that are a little bigger

To the first question, yes.

Second question.....

Silvertip tetras:

Emperor Tetras:

I also see aquahuna has "blue emperor tetra"

Rio Flame tetra (red/yellow)
Ember Tetra (red)
Glowlight Tetra (very cool looking iridescent bronze fish)
Penguin Tetra
Lemon Tetra
Rummynose Tetra

^^ I would look into all of these. If not available locally, aquahuna is a great place to look at and ACO has a discount code.

Chili rasbora, neon green rasbora, etc. are all some similar fish that would do well in that tank as long as temps are verified to be acceptable.  For both of these it shouldn't be an issue.

There's a lot of interesting fish out there and the nice thing is, you're at the most fun part of the hobby for a lot of people.  Trying to decide what goes in the tank and looking forward to the result!  Take your time. 

As far as "how many" I will point you towards AqAdvisor.  It's very easy to use, if you have any questions about it please feel free to ask.

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A 29 just might be ok for an single Angel if that’s really what you want. It’s only 3” shorter than a 55 gallon and angels like a tall tank. 
I’d personally also consider the Honey Gourami as a main centerpiece in a tank that size. The yellow will look great against some nano fish like green neon tetras and maybe chili rasboras. With the smaller fish you’ll also get to see more natural behavior. 

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If your water is not too hard  i would stock it as follows:

6 to 8 green neon tetra or ember tetra

8 kubotai rasbora

pair borelli apistogramma (m/f)

8 pygmy cory.



Btw DO NOT keep rummynose in anything shorter than 4 ft - they are a fast moving schooling fish; also if you want the borelli to breed successfully avoid the larger tetra like glowlight, lemon, rio flame, ... they love to eat frys. 


Good luck.

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@pjust9 Bolivian rams are so awesome!! They really color up when you get them home, and they are a favorite of mine. There is so much you can do with a 29! I have Colombian Tetras in mine, and they look great! See pic below. I highly recommend Colombians for color and size, will mix great with a sizable cory like an emerald and apisto. I also personally love Metae corys, which also come from a river in Columbia too! Good luck!




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