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My newest 60 gallon project (part 1)

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Here are some pictures of my latest project. It is a 60 gallon tank that I got off Facebook Market Place for $20, plus a the cost of food at Buckee's for my buddy who drove his truck to pick it up. It came with a Fluval heater, air pump, AquaClear 110, the lights, and a whole bunch of other mics. stuff. Out of all that I only plan on using the tank, stand, and lights for this project, but everything else useful will be used for other projects. 


This is a screen shot of what the tank looked like when it was listed. 



After I got it home I leak checked everything and once that was done I drained it down some and started to clean it up. IMG_5240.JPG.d72a1fe7a891c2d4db51c5f1be587bfc.JPG


This is a picture of it after I did the first good scrub on it. 



Here is a picture of the tank as I was just checking to see how it would look along this wall. There used to be a small table here, so I think its going to fit perfect. 



This is where I am going to leave off for this post. As I get further along I'll continue with updates. I am going to go hunting for some driftwood and rocks tomorrow, but I think I am going to go for a stream-is look with a bunch (50+) of a community fish as well as everything else. Maybe a White Fin Minnow, but who knows. 

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41 minutes ago, Streetwise said:

I love tanks with the black silicone! I look forward to seeing how you fill it. Wood and lots of plants, please.

Yes, wood and plants, but I have design hurdles. The tank it actually narrow, like 12.75in, so that brings a few challenges, and then this tank is actually located in a walk-way-type area next to the kitchen so you can see the tank from both sides all the way through in addition to the front. What ever I do I want it to be captivating from all those views, but I don't want it to look cluttered. This is what is going to make this tank fun though. 

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55 minutes ago, Carolina Guy said:

I once got a 20 gallon long with stand, light, and Aquaclear filter for $50, and I thought I got a bargain then, but wow, you really got a deal.  What an incredible find.  It looks really nice too.  That black stand with the black trim on the tank looks great under that piece of art. Keep us updated.

Deals are out there, I have been waiting for the right one for several months now, and several times a great deal would pop up, but I was out of town for work and could not jump on it.

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