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Possible Tumor on my Betta


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I have had this Betta named Kento since Feb. I got him from Petsmart before I knew any better. I didn't know a lot when I first got him, but thanks to this sites YouTube channel and this Forum I have learned a lot and have done my best to give him a great home. He is in a 5 gallon planted tank. I noticed around the end of June early July he had a small spot on his R caudal abdomen. It looked almost like a scale was poking out. I was worried it was a tumor so I asked a friend. They said they were rare in bettas so I shouldnt worry. However, it has grown over this month. Any advice as to what I should do? The only vet in my area that sees fish is the Vet school and they are impossible to get into now. I love this fish and I want to slow the growth any way I can. I just wanna keep him happy and healthy. He is eating fine and is not yet affected. The first pic is July 1st and the second pic is July 25th.

pH- 7.5

Nitrates- 0 (But I am working on this with help from another post)

Hardiness- 40

Ammonia- 0

KH- 60

Temp- 81

Kento 1.jpg

Kento 2.jpg

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It's quiet common for Betta's to develop tumors or benign growth's what I would do is a course of maracyn2 in the active ingredient is minocycline that has proven effective at shrinking so types of lumps


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I have ordered all the ingredients and they should be here by Sunday. However, I woke up this morning and it appears that thing has ruptured over night. @Colu do you recommend the same tx course or is there something else I need to do now? It must have been a cyst of some type? 



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