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Is the med trio safe for snails, Panda Cory's, and bristlenose plecos?


I have a 20g tall hexagon tank. I have set up my tank and added my fish. Unfortunately I was given really bad info and now my tank is overstocked. all my fish are not doing very well. They are all looking sick. I have lost 3 guppies already.


I did do a fishless cycle prior to adding fish. I am not sure what is going on.  

I have 2 lyretail mollies, 2 swordfish, 2 balloon mollies, 3 baby panda cory's, 1 baby bristlenose pleco, 1 red flame dwarf gourami, 1 bumblebee platy, 1 Mickey mouse platy, 4 female guppies, 1 nerite snail, 1 rabbit snail.

Last parameter check was:

Ammonia- 0.25ppm

Nitrites- 0ppm

Nitrates- less than 10ppm, but not quite 0ppm

PH- 8.2

Water temp- 82°F


Should I do an overall medication trio?


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