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Adding cheese making calcium chloride or calcium carbonate

Brandon p

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I have super low Ca and super high Mg. If I want to increase Ca available in the water for snails and plants. With the calcium chloride I worry about depleting any buffer I have. I do use magic shell and like it but it has extra Mg in it. 

Removing Mg: is there a way to leach out the Mg from the water before a water change. The only products that that have found that remove/fix Mg also do the same with the small amounts of Ca I have. Is they only way to RO and then add the proper amounts back in. 

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Thank you. I can get caicium carbonate  so cheap to add I will use the magic shell as well because I feel that it does help the angels lay. After I add it there are eggs laid a lot of the time. I can’t prove it but I believe it.

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