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Sick Albino cory :(

Ashley Rose

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This poor sick cory hasn't been doing so well for a while now. He has lost weight (I never see him eat) and looks and acts awful. 

So it started when I saw that his barbels were gone. I did a 75% water change when I noticed. I keep doing 50% weekly, treated with melafix for over a week.... only got worse


Now it has so many red spots and ripped fins. I can't tell if it's a bacterial infection or internal bleeding or even a parasite. 


I want to mention it's behavior is so odd as well. It won't go to the bottom of the tank to join the other corries, it only swims around the middle of the tank (like actually swimming non-stop which is very odd for a cory?) If it's not swimming it's sitting on the plants.....it acts very lifeless


No ammonia but my nitrates are like 30ppm

Tank Mates are platies, mollies, cories, snails, shrimp, and a bn pleco

Substrate is sand mixed with stratum

36 bow front with an aqua clear 70 and a sponge filter 

I feed every other day

Any advice? It breaks my heart seeing it struggle :((





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I think it’s a bacterial infection that can effect al fish but really affects corys. I’m going to ask some that might know more. @Colu do you think this could be red blotch disease. This is just my opinion and if you can you may want to wait for colu to answer. Do you have any meds there.

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It's looks like a bacterial infection could be red blotch what I would do is is treat with a antibiotic treatment such as maracyn if you can I would quarantine and treat him on his own and you could add a small amount of aquarium salt 1 table for 5 gallons that will add essential electrolytes and aid Gill function

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