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Snails dead?


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My snails haven't moved in days and are starting to get a clear Jelly like slime on the foot. Are they dead? They don't have the rancid smell to them, but it's been about 4 days and no movement at all and slime. ???

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If there is no smell and they are producing excess slime there is a good chance something in your water is really irritating to them right now. Perhaps even causing them damage.
if they are tightly closed they are still with you  if they are part way out tug a bit very gently and touch the foot  if there is zero response they are gone or almost so. 

Try removing them to a container of clean dechlorinated water. Add a wondershell to the container if you have it. 
It could be something coming from your source water if they still do not recover and continue emitting excess slime. 
crossing my fingers for your little ones. 

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