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Is the aquaeon light any good, really? 
I’m trying to figure out why the Monte Carlo in one of my tanks is thriving and one is just ok to meh. 
Scenario: I have 6g tank with an aquaeon clip on plant light with 3 Monte carlos, a single betta and random ramshorn snail hitchhikers. 
Plants: 3 Monte Carlo, random Christmas moss and 4 lucky bamboo growing out of the aquarium. 

At the same time I planted the 3 Monte Carlo in the 6g, I planted the 4th in a very heavily planted/stocked 55g with a finnex light and incidentally in a spot that gets shaded occasionally as other plants grow.

The Monte Carlo were all in good shape when they were planted, I easy green all the tanks based on nitrate levels (I aim for 20ish ppm) and all were plants given 2 easy root tabs upon planting and on a monthly tab schedule. But the 3 in 6g are just ok, but the 1 in the 55g (that actually has a ton of competition for nutrients in all the other plants around it) is thriving. It looks great. 

All that to say - is it the light? I feel like maybe the aquaeon is not a great light at all, I was hoping that it being as close to the plants as it is, it would work but I’m doubting that now. Anyone switched light brands and found it was a huge determining factor on a tank that small? 

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