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Unilateral pop eye not clearing- wondering if it could be a fatty tumor behind the eye?

Lexi B

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I posted almost a month ago about my betta developing unilateral popeye. His tank parameters at the time were as follows:

  • pH 8.2
  • Nitrates 30
  • Hardness 4
  • Nitrite 0
  • Ammonia 0
  • KH/Buffer 3
  • Water Temperature  78
  • lives alone in a 6 gallon cube

Initially, I used maracyn to treat the pop eye, but after two rounds didn't see any improvement. I tried aquarium salt for two weeks and didn't see anything there either, so I used a medicated repashy formula alongside the salt- this included maracyn, garlic gaurd, and focus- that was recommended to me by colu. It's now been almost a month of different treatments with virtually no improvement, and if anything, worsened conditions. 

His parameters today are as follows:

Ph 8

Nitrates 20

Hardness 4

Nitrite 0

Ammoniam 0

Kh/Buffer 3

Temp 78,

lives alone in a 6 gal cube.

At this point I'm beginning to wonder if I've misdiagnosed the issue? His popeye remains unilateral, and to my best judgement his visions remains relatively unaffected, his eye isn't cloudy, and I don't see any blood in his iris or pupil (this is really hard to tell, though, because he has partial diamond eye in both eyes). He is a bit of a mess genetically though, and I already know of two fatty tumors that he developed along his side, so I'm curious if maybe he has developed on behind his eye? Really I'm at a loss right now since I can't tell what exactly is going on, or how I should continue tackling the problem. If anyone has any recommendations/ opinions on the matter, I'd be extremely thankful


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As it hasn't improved with treatment it could be permanent damage to the eye or growth behind the eye can cause Popeye at this point theirs not lot more treatment wise you could do if it's caused by any injury it might get better over time if it a growth behind the eye it might stay the same or get worse

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I have you that was treated and now healthy but there is the permanent damage Colu talks about. She has been fine for about months. She acts normal and can see some out of it because if I walk up on the side of the tank with the bad eye she reacts.

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