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On 7/22/2022 at 3:10 PM, billnamly said:

Can you guys send pics of the CPD?

Hi there, 

As mentioned above, I do post every single week what new fish have been brought in to sell for the store. CPDs have been on the list every single week for a very long time so yes, we do have lots of them in. You can find those postings here: Aquarium Co-Op's Local Announcements - C.A.R.E. (aquariumcoop.com)It would be logistically very hard to count exactly how many I currently have in stock, but we do have many of them. I cannot take individual photos of our fish and/or stock for you, no, sorry about that. We do not have a store-use cell phone, and thus we do not offer that service for our customers at this time.

We do have dwarf hairgrass and monte carlo in stock right now as well. Most plants in stock on our website, are also in stock in our store. Please use our website to see what plants we sell here: Live Aquarium Plants For Freshwater & Tropical Fish Tanks – Aquarium Co-Op (aquariumcoop.com)


For future reference, if you have more inquiries about the store (not about fish stocking), the appropriate avenue to go through would be the "Contact Us" email method via our website. You can find that link here: Contact Us | Aquarium Co-Op | Freshwater Aquarium Store (aquariumcoop.com)


Thank you

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