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Is seachem clarity safe to use with other medicine?

Any Huit

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Hi! A few days ago, I added the medication trio (maracyn, ich-x, and paracleanse) for my betta fish 10 galllon. And I got good advice to also add some seachem prime, stressguard, and bacteria starter so the cycle doesn't crash! definitely will do that from now on.

But I'm also wondering - is it safe to also use seachem clarity? overall, my tank is cloudier than before starting the med trio, but definitely way less cloudy that it would've been without prime+stressguard+bacteria. So Im not too worried, but I just wanted to ask if anyone has experience or knows someone who will also put seachem clarity while medicating? 

Extra details: I use an airpump to heal oxygenate the water. 

Any advice & patience is welcomed!


the betta mom with 100s of questions

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@Any Huitwelcome to the forum!

I use clarity initially when setting up the tank and something like the substrate had fine particles in the water column.  For any other reason I do not recommend using clarity. 

If it's a bacterial bloom or meds or anything of the sort in the water all you need to do is to add fine filter floss to the HoB itself.  If you're running sponge filters, you can have a cheap HoB (like an aqueon quietflow) just to polish the water or marineland sells specifically designed polishing filters that you can try to use.  That being said, with what you're describing, I don't think you need to use clarity in this situation.  I will try to find the answer for you based on seachem's FAQ section.



FAQ: Can I use Seachem Clarity® together with ____________?

X Company's product

There are a lot of aquarium products on the market, and while most of them will work perfectly fine together in the aquarium, some will not.  We can't 100% guarantee any product that's not our own, but here's a few quick rules: 

  1. Avoid using products that overlap in function.  Either one works and so it's the one you should be using, both work and so it's a waste to use them both, or neither work and you should be looking for a third, better product.
  2. Research the products you use carefully.  Clarity® shouldn't interact with most of the products available on the market, but pay close attention to warnings on bottles with regards to product interactions.
  3. When in doubt, wait a day.  Clarity® will typically break down after around 24 hours, so if you are concerned that Clarity® might interact with another product, it is recommended to wait a day.

Seachem® Products

It's safe to use Clarity® alongside any of Seachem®'s products except Cupramine™.  If Clarity® is added to a tank that contains Cupramine™, it converts the Cupramine™ into a more toxic form. If this happens accidentally, you'll need to remove the Cupramine™ right away using activated filter carbon or CupriSorb™. 

Clarity® will not directly interact with any of the other Seachem® products, but a large overdose of reducing agents (conditioners like Prime®, ammonia detoxifiers, stress reducers, and some medications) can start to reduce the oxygen levels of the tank.  It's just fine to use multiple reducing agents if you have good filtration and you're not using extra products unnecessarily, but if you need to use 3 or more reducing agents at the same time, it may be best to wait an hour or so between products to avoid a sudden drop in oxygen levels. 

I am not seeing anything specific to medications, so I would lean towards a hard no to avoiding any negative interaction. Especially considering the drop in oxygenation from the meds as well as clarity.

On 7/22/2022 at 1:20 PM, Any Huit said:

And I got good advice to also add some seachem prime, stressguard, and bacteria starter so the cycle doesn't crash! definitely will do that from now on.

You only need to use prime, not both.  Stressguard would be for when you see something like an ammonia spike or are transporting fish, slimecoat issues, etc.  I wouldn't suggest using it after every water change, only when moving the fish or when you see signs of stress on the fish.

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