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30 gallon Half moon style Aquarium filtration ideas?

Aqua junky

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We have a 30 Gallon half moon I've setup with decor and substrate and even added the water bit have been hesitant about filtration. My wife is actually showing interest in this beautiful tank and shes wanting to keep Angel Fish in it. I was thinking about stocking it with 10 Baby Angel's fish until they grow out to adult hood than putting them in a 125 Gallon. Any ideas on filtration? We painted the back half black so I've been leaning towards 2 of the hygger double sponge filters just because they suction to the glass so installed on the back of the aquarium they will be almost invisible! The tank is relatively tall so I didn't wanna put Aquarium Co-ops sponges in since they rest at the bottom and if I'm not mistaken that will cause to much water flow for the Angel's. if I remember correctly they dont like alot of current? I've also already have a marineland magnum 220 canister I could use.

Screenshot_20201022-130332_Amazon Shopping.jpg

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