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Photos of Tanks with Fry

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Southern Redbelly Dace fry growing out. 10 gal. 3 months or so old. They’re starting to stay in lower 1/2 of the tank.


Java moss, Valisneria, Wisteria, Strawberry plant (?). Cold water / temperate. Two sponge filters. Flake food staple. Frozen foods and live BBS included each week.


Next is Xenotoca doadrioi (Redtail Goodeids). Endangered CARES Species from Mexico, these livebearers do not drop fry for parts of each year. Then they’ll drop 3-10 every three months during their fertile window.


Plants include Amazon Sword, java moss, Crinum, Pothos, Valisneria, etc. Fry are born with umbilical-like “trophotaenia.” A few femyhave matured now and are beginning to drop fry. The older females do not seem to be fertile anymore.


Next, I’ve got German Blue Ram fry from several batches growing out with Discus in my 55 gal. I keep water changes up to at least 1x / 40% / week. The warm water (84°-F) plus lots of frozen food offerings bulks them up.


Discus do not bother Rams at all. Plants are grumpy in warm water.



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